Botswana Project

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  • Savannas are key ecosystems in Botswana.  They are important for the people living in them and also make important contributions in terms of wildlife tourism, agriculture and biodiversity.

    Botswana was chosen as the initial pilot for the ISFMI as it provides the best combination of geographic suitability and stable governance. The KavangoZambezi region is among the most affected globally by savanna fires and therefore an appropriate place to apply the fire management technologies akin to those used by Indigenous people in Australia. Agriculture and wildlife tourism are major economic activities in Botswana and both are affected by savanna fires, with fires in agricultural areas often disproportionately affecting women, who head the majority of rural households. The pilot will showcase the previous work of the ISFMI and include knowledge sharing with other countries in the Kavango-Zambezi region, including Namibia and Zambia.

    Over four years the Botswana pilot will develop a supportive framework for fire management including:

    • Advising on enabling laws, regulations, policies, savanna carbon methods and verification (MRV) platforms,
    • Introducing an improved fire management regime.
    • Assist with free, pior and informed consent (FPIC) and local governance arrangements;
    • Compile baseline fire and vegetation data sets; and
    • support fire operations training and demonstration.


  • Savanna invite

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    Sharing Australia’s Savanna Fire Management Successes

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