Our Partners


    Baker McKenzie Law for Development Initiative

    LDI is a not for profit entity that facilitates high quality, detailed, practical and expert legal, policy, capacity building  and technical assistance to governments, multilaterals, donors and foundations which support the rule of law within their wider development efforts. LDI is committed to supporting governments design and implement innovative laws, policy and governance frameworks that enable climate change solutions and broader sustainable development outcomes.

    LDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker McKenzie which has offices across the world including in Australia and South Africa. The team has a strong track record working across the developing world and in collaborating with governments, international organisations, businesses, non-government organisations and community groups in coordinating, leading and implementing systemic climate reform. As the Grant Recipient LDI is responsible for the overall management of the ISFMI and for overseeing the various sub-contractors to the project including the Kimberley Land Council (KLC), Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research and Baker McKenzie.

    Kimberley Land Council

    As the Project co-lead, Kimberley Land Council will be involved in overall project implementation and will lead the capacity development and knowledge exchange programs which include activities like:

    • Providing strategic advice on project development and knowledge transfer;
    • Facilitating knowledge exchange opportunities for rangers and relevant government officers engaged in fire management operations and Technology implementation;
    • Support exchanges between community and relevant government stakeholders to explore emerging and strategic issues;
    • Assist with organising national and international events for the broader ISFMI Network; and
    • Arranging stakeholder site visits to Northern Australia for knowledge exchange.

    Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research

    As Project Implementation Partner the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research will provide scientific support in:

    • compiling a baseline fire review for the pilot sites;
    • preparing seasonal fire maps, fire frequency maps, and biodiversity baselines for the Pilot Sites;
    • preparing a validated vegetation fuel type map for the Pilot Sites;
    • developing a platform for collecting relevant fire satellite data similar to the North Australian Fire Information (NAFI) platform (firenorth.org.au) for the area concerned and/or a tool to measure the impact of the Technology adapted from the Savanna Burning Abatement Tool; and
    • developing a methodology for measuring GHG abatement generated by the implementation of the Technology.

    Baker McKenzie

    As an Implementation Partner, Baker McKenzie will provide legal, regulatory and governance advice in relation to:

    • the design, development and implementation of regional carbon schemes;
    • Government policy and regulatory advice related to the Project;
    • Project governance and risk analysis; and
    • Carbon funds and financial products.